Everything comes with a price!

As we continue to move forward with Beat That, I wanted to touch base on something that is very important to our success. While you surf through the blogs and the twitters and facebooks pushing the short film, Beat That, you see me asking for donations and asking for help funding the film. Trust me when I tell you, every penny will count and I am extremely excited to show you what your money can do for this project. However, there is other ways to help support this film. Donations, while extremely helpful, do not have to come in the form of financial backing. My goal is not to just fund a film; it’s to make a film. Beg, borrow and (shhh) steal whatever I need to make this film happen. No, stealing is not my first option.

I need things for this film on all levels. Goods, services, props, help. Whatever it might be, we will take it all. Cameras and camera work, lighting and sound, material and equipment, props. People that know the business and can help us push forward. Anything you can think of. Please contact me and let’s discuss it. If you have a friend that has a history in film and you want to get the ball rolling or know where to find some old lighting equipment. Whatever the case may be, let me know.

The first thing we are working towards getting financially is a good camera. I’m working on a spread sheet for how to allocate all the funds, but so you are aware, the first goal is a camera. I have 3 in mind that I am looking at getting for the film. I only need one. With a couple donations already coming through in the first day, it really gives me hope that this is something we can make happen.

Everything comes with a price. But it doesn’t have to be money.

Thanks! Anthony

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“Let’s make a movie. Let’s tell the story.”

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