A Chance Learning.

Every now and then we come across something we don’t expect. We learn something we didn’t mean to learn. And in the end we hope we come out of it better people.

So the beginning of the weekend started out well; a little nerve racking but I felt good about what was going on. I felt like I was accomplishing something big, or at least someone was accomplishing it for me. I found a co-writer for the screenplay. She had more experience than me and had a different flavor to add to the meatloaf. My script had my concept, the dialogue was weak and full of monologues, and some of the scenes just needed to be routed and reworked. I’ll be the first to admit the story was there but the pages were a little torn. I sought help and found it, and I felt good about it; at first.

So ask the weekend carried on, I was getting bits and pieces of my script back being done as a rewrite and I was feeling more and more confident with the way things were coming along. I could see my story finally take some proper shape as it was being remolded. I was feeling fresh and secure. Secure meaning stable and strong. But what’s the worst thing you can do to a mold? Add too much water. And as I got more and more of the script I started to see it fold a little. Then drip a little. Then a few different things happened. My story was no longer my statue and it was more like my pot. The things I wanted in there were not there anymore. Now I had a screenplay that was better than mine when it comes to “showbiz” writing, but it was no longer the story of my battle through cancer. And it no longer had my signature on it.

I brought this to the co-writers attention. I made it clear that there were things I wanted to be put back in and I would take care of that and then continue on with our partnership. The truth is, I enjoyed her writing, but in the end it’s still my movie, and I have to make it more showbiz then I at least have to do it with my affect. It was never about her writing or her style. And I understood clearly that my original draft was not up to par. I’m just the guy with cancer who is aspiring to make a film. Not the film maker who ended up with cancer. At least not yet. Give me a couple years and that is what I will consider myself. Ha. So after I responded to her with my requests to do some edits and continue on our journey, she wrote me an email stating EVERYTHING that was wrong with my script and continuously taking little jabs. That’s how I read the email, thats how my fiance read the email. So I, being the angry steroid freak that I am, with all these meds running through me, ran my mouth. I made it clear that the script was mine and I wanted her to be a co-writer and work with me and not against me and I ended the relationship. Probably a little prematurely, but our visions were just on opposite paths.

I won’t sit here and say that she was wrong, and I certainly won’t admit that I was wrong. I feel as though it was a miscommunication. Then it was taken a step further and became an excommunication. Now I’m sitting around fixing my script. I can’t be happier with the advice that I received from this woman, who again, is very talented. But It’s difficult fixing someone else’s story. Sometimes you think you are helping but when you hit a snag and can’t agree on which foot to put forward you learn that the partnership will only become a disaster.

Thank you co-writer for your help. I do wish it could have worked out better. I believe if we both got on the same page we would have had the best of both worlds. It was a chance learning. I learned that what I need to do to make the script better. Now I just have to apply the lesson to script.

With that being said here’s some updates:

-Script is in yet again another rewrite. Don’t you love showbiz?

-My team is starting to develop. Waiting on a confirmation email regarding 2 new crew members. Make up Artist and Special FX artist. I expect to hear from them tomorrow and then I will be able to write all about them.

-I have a few friends working on some fundraiser ideas. One of the ideas looks to be a car wash. We need to start making money. I have 4 funders. While I am greatful for them, every penny counts. And any help is greatly appreciated.

-I have come up with a little contest that I am working on the details with. I’m think about doing a promo card cell off. Whoever can sell the most promo cards will win a Producer credit on the film. Can you imagine how good that would look for someone. Hey Johny, what did you do this summer? I produced a movie. That means recognition on sites like IMDB and across film festivals…and all you have to do is sell promo cards to possibly get that credit. WOW!

-This film is going to happen. Right now it’s a marathon, but we are going to get there…trust me on that!

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