Catching up!

So I am in the hospital receiving my 2nd to last inpatient chemotherapy. So basically as long as everything goes well on July 1st when they do my scans, I will have completed chemotherapy and then the ultimate goal will be the film and enough of this cancer business. Well at least the physical, real cancer business. May 27th we complete my last outpatient chemotherapy. June 10th we start my last inpatient chemotherapy. That lasts 5 full days. I don’t have much to say about my adventure through the world of cancer. Let’s move on to some exciting talk.

The script has really begun to mold itself. I am starting to find some real confidence in it and believe it is going to make an extraordinary short film. Last week I learned a few things about my writing skills and now I believe with the changes made the script is creating the effect it was meant to. It will be time to move on to the next phases of making the film soon enough. Remember you can buy your copy of the script at
. It helps raise funds for the film so it would be a great deal to get this film made. Not to mention, other than your great contribution you get something in return. So it’s a win/win for everyone.

With that being said, I have added 2 new crew members to the film. Some of the major effects in the film are the change in appearance as cancer and chemotherapy takes over my world. Or in this instance, the main characters world. As well as some of the side effects that our main character has to deal with. Well the best way to accomplish these goals and make them seem more realistic was to add a Make Up Artist and Special FX member to the film crew. So with that being said, I am excited to welcome Desiree and Paul Collins to the team. Desiree is our new Make Up Artist. She has a strong feel for Horror Make Up and the Blood and Guts side of film is something she has had some hands on work with. Her brother Paul has a strong grasp on the FX world and he is going to be an exciting addition to the film. Between the 2 of them, I believe we will be able to really accomplish some of the effects that need to take place in order to make this film as great as I know it is going to be.

For now that’s all we have. I have filmed some of the goings on here in the hospital and will be posting that very shortly. Just need to do some editing. So be looking for some video footage within the next 24-36 hours and see what I am dealing with while here in the institute going through chemotherapy. It’s a fun world at Moffitt.

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