We’re Back and Cancer Free!

Welcome back! I should be saying that to myself. I’ve been missing for so long. The truth of the matter is, I’ve had it rough trying to finish off chemo then once I finished I high tailed it out of Florida and traveled a bit. Something to bring myself back to life. Fatigue has definitely been an issue but things are finally starting to pick up again. So, first things first…

As of July 2nd, after doing a CT scan and seeing my doctor, I have currently beat cancer and do not have to go back to the hospital for three months. That is excellent news and I can finally look forward to breathing again.

Since this is more of a lighthearted and easy going post since we have had good news, why damper it with heart breaking and upsetting stories of things that I went through. We’ll get back to that again soon enough. For this post let’s revisit my trip I took the day after my final chemotherapy. I had a great time, unfortunately I don’t have nearly as many pictures as I would like but I have a handful to make it worth while.

Day 1: I woke up early. And if anyone has ever had chemo before, and I hope no one has, but if you have, you surely know how bloated and foggy you would feel after 6 straight days of non stop chemo. Well that’s how I felt, but I was determined to get on the road and start my journey. (Come to find out later, my doctor clearly states he would not have approved my decision to do what I did the day after a 6 day session of chemo; whoops!) So I left at 7:30, had breakfast. Fueled up the car and the stomach. Up I-75 I went. First stop was the giant peanut. Mainly for fun and games. Supposedly the biggest peanut there is.

Yeah, so moving on. Ha. I went to Atlanta. The ATL was alright but I was on a time constriction so I didn’t stay for long. I had one goal in mind and that was basically it. I wanted ribs. Now you may knock me for this but I forgive you. I’m an old school wrestling fan. So I went to Abdullah the Butcher’s Rib and Chinese food spot. If you don’t know who Abdullah is, I suggest looking it up. His most PG image is far to R rated for today’s post. But anyhow. To Abdullah’s I went.

I had the best rib tips you could imagine; the cornbread above par. But the rib tips and rice were outstanding. Lots of cool memorabilia and an all around southern feel made for a great lunch stop after the 5 hours on the road at that point. I’m off to North Carolina. This is where my trip had it’s most enchanting moment. There’s a story behind this stop but I will do a separate post just for the story. (There is a little bit of a religious undertone in the story and it may take a bit more space to write so better off doing it separate.) I was stopping at Whitewater falls. In this area there are large groups of water falls clustered all within a 30 mile radius or so. Whitewater Falls is the biggest water fall in the east.
After a mile walk and over 20 flights of stairs (The part I got scolded for.) I saw the most amazing site and heard the most powerful impact of water against rock you could ever imagine. Talk about loud? Multiply Niagara Falls by 6. If you ever want an amazing few that will take your breath away, that was it. And guys will definitely want to bring their girlfriend there. After the water fall I had a bit more driving and I was trying to beat the clock in order to get to my hotel before I lost my reservation. So I drove through Brevard, NC. Which in my opinion is one of the nicest and most peaceful towns one could ever imagine. Will definitely visit there again. Some of the houses around that area are top notch as well. 4 hours later I landed in Durham, NC. Stayed at a nice hotel full of Duke Alum all attending some big conference. Thank God for priceline and orbitz. They made it easier to sleep comfortably. The visit to this hotel also holds one of my most embarrassing stories ever. I’ll tell you that story later too.

Day 2: Left Durham and went to Boydton, VA. I went here because of an episode of the TV show “Who do yoiu think you are?” The episode was about Emmit Smith, former NFL Running Back, and his history and the history of his ancestors. I was so fascinated with some of the information and knowledge he gained about his family that is inspired me on several levels. I began a new script based off of an idea I got while watching his story, and I had to stop where he was at, just to see what he saw. The next picture is of a large white building in Boydton once the location for where they sold slaves on the front lawn. Particularly Emmit’s family, the Puryear family. It was a fascinating story, get a hold of it if you can.

After a long traffic jam and an exhausting ride I finally made it to Virginia Beach. My stop at Virginia Beach was merely to see a large statue of one of the more interesting Greek Gods. Poseidon (Neptune). He is the God of the Sea. Great statue as well.
After Virginia Beach, I went over and under the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. My last major adventure of the day. He’s an overview of it:
It was a cool ride over the water but far more trouble than it was worth. With that being said Day 1 and Day 2 slowly came to an end. The rest of the trip was merely driving and by the end of it I was exhausted. And with so much more to tell you about I need a break. So I’ll be back in a few hours with another post and more pictures of the trip. Hope you enjoyed this post. See ya soon.


WE HAVE A CAMERA FOR BEAT THAT! A post on that to come.

Still looking for more help for the film; funding, non financial donations, and people to work on the shoot itself.

Script is complete, I have something I am working on to go with the film but can’t give it away yet.

Life is good again!

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